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Amorfrutins are potent antidiabetic dietary natural products.
Weidner C, de Groot JC, Prasad A, Freiwald A, Quedenau C, Kliem M, Witzke A, Kodelja V, Han CT, Giegold S, Baumann M, Klebl B, Siems K, Müller-Kuhrt L, Schürmann A, Schüler R, Pfeiffer AF, Schroeder FC, Büssow K, Sauer S.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. (2012) 109(19) 7257-62

The phytochemical glaucarubinone promotes mitochondrial metabolism, reduces body fat, and extends lifespan of Caenorhabditis elegans.
Zarse, K.; Bossecker, A.; Mueller-Kuhrt, L.; Siems, K.; Hernandez, M. A.; Berendsohn, W. G.; Birringer, M.; Ristow, M.
Horm. Metab. Res. (2011), 43(4), 241-243

Revisiting old drugs as novel agents for retinoblastoma: in vitro and in vivo antitumor activity of cardenolides.
Antczak Christophe; Kloepping Carolyn; Radu Constantin; Genski Thorsten; Muller-Kuhrt Lutz; Siems Karsten; de Stanchina Elisa; Abramson David H; Djaballah Hakim
Investigative ophthalmology & visual science (2009), 50(7), 3065-73

Structure-Based Pharmacophore Screning for Natural-Product-Derived PPARγ Agonists
Yusuf Tanrikulu, Oliver Rau, Oliver Schwarz, Ewgenij Proschak, Karsten Siems, Lutz Müller-Kuhrt, Manfred Schubert-Zsilavecz, and Gisbert Schneider
Journal of Chemistry and BioChemistry (2009), 10, 75-78

A Cell-based High-throughput Assay System Reveals Modulation of Oxidative and Nonoxidative Glucose Metabolism due to Commonly Used Organic Solvents
S. Zimmermann, K. Zarse, T. J. Schulz, K. Siems, L. Müller-Kuhrt, M. Birringer, M. Ristow
Hormone and Metabolic Research (2008), 40, 29-37

Burning the Hay to Find the Needle-Data Mining Strategies in Natural Product Dereplication
D. Wolf and K. Siems
Chimia (2007, 61, 339-345

Identification of Natural-Product-Derived Inhibitors of 5-Lipoxygenase Activity by Ligand-Based Virtual Screening
Lutz Franke, Oliver Schwarz, Lutz Müller-Kuhrt, Christina Hoernig, Lutz Fischer, Sven George, Yusuf Tanrikulu, Petra Schneider, Oliver Werz, Dieter Steinhilber, and Gisbert Schneider
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (2007), 50, 2640-2646

Natural Products in Parallel Chemistry - Novel 5-Lipoxygenase Inhibitors from BIOS-Based Libraries Starting from α-Santonin
Oliver Schwarz, Sven Jakupovic, Horst-Dieter Ambrosi, Lars Ole Haustedt, Christian Mang, and Lutz Müller-Kuhrt
Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry (2007), 9, 1104-1113

Successful, but often unconventional: the continued and long-term contribution of natrual products to healthcare
Lutz Müller-Kuhrt
Expert Opinion (2007), 2(3), 305-311
Expert Opin. Drug Discov. (2007) 2(3),305-311

Discovery of protein phosphatase inhibitors classes by biology-oriented synthesis
Andrea Nören-Müller, Ivan Reis-Corrêa, Jr., Heino Prinz, Claudia Rosenbaum, Krishna Saxena, Harald J. Schwalbe, Dietmar Vestweber, Guiseppe Cagna, Stefan Schunk, Oliver Schwarz, Hajo Schiewe and Herbert Waldmann
PNAS (2006), 103(28), 10606-10611

Rational approaches to natural-product-based drug design
Lars Ole Haustedt, Christian Mang, Karsten Siems and Hajo Schiewe
Current Opinion in Drug Discovery & Development (2006), 9(4), 445-462
Current Opinion in Drug Discovery & Development currently does not have a website.

Natural Products in Combinatorial Chemistry: An Andrographolide-Based Library
Christian Mang, Sven Jakupovic, Stefan Schunk, Horst-Dieter Ambrosi, Oliver Schwarz, and Jasmin Jakupovic
Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry (2006), 8, 268-274

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