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Analyticon Discovery


Analyticon Discovery GmbH - Team

AnalytiCons Management Team combines experience with the ability to make innovations. Lutz Müller-Kuhrt studied chemistry in Berlin and founded and managed several technological companies (Biotecon, AnalytiCon AG). In 2000 he co-founded AnalytiCon Discovery and is currently its Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Jochen Gatter is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), is also a co-founder of the company and is a qualified business administrator and engineer. He completed his studies in Berlin, London and Vancouver.

Business Development, Collaboration and Sales

Analyticon Discovery GmbH - Team

Our sales and business development team works closely together in creating new project management strategies to provide you with the best service. Jens Müller, Lars Ole Haustedt, Dietmar Wolf and Grit Kluge manage business cooperation with our partners and have complete responsibility for all matters ranging from initiating new business deals through to project management. Nadia Buonomo is responsible for European sales and Andrea Christes for North American and UK sales.

Research and Development

Analyticon Discovery GmbH - Team

Working on the individual research and development programs under the leadership of Karsten Siems, our vice-president for research and development are Thorsten Genski, Horst Dieter Ambrosi, Lars Ole Haustedt, Oliver Schwarz, Laura Levy and Fotini Tsichrintzi.

Operations and Resources

Analyticon Discovery GmbH - Team

These development projects make use of the technology platforms provided by teams working under Martina Jaensch, vice president for operations and research. Werner Katzer and Axel Thelitz are in charge of microbiology, fermentation and plant processing. Heidrun Binkele, Steffi Mattuschka, Sven Jakupovic and Gregor Hetterling are in charge of analysis and preparative separations. Christian Mang is head of the synthesis team, Isabelle Bergere is in charge of materials logistics, while Lutz Burkhardt and Karsten Vandieken are responsible for data processing.


Analyticon Discovery GmbH - Team

In the office visitors and people calling on the telephone will be greeted by Ina Ruderisch and Valentina Blume. They are available to help with all questions ranging from arranging accommodation to organizing meetings.

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